Slinger/Signaller Training    Novice/Experienced operator /Refresher courses  (COVID-19)

During the current lockdown exit plan.

All 2-day Novice courses are offered in the Distance learning format. 1-day experienced operator courses by agreement and covid-19 restrictions Further details HERE

As all our practical training is on-site and involves travel over the whole country. We will be assessing each training program we offer individually and always with the current “Government Local COVID-19  Exit Plan” being taken into account.

Approved Distance Learning Courses have been added to our ALLMI operator accreditation from…….. 12th May 2020 

ALL our re-certification courses under the ALLMI accreditation can be completed using both normal and distance learning, with individual operator assessment the next day, or if the company are to distant from the instructors base, the day after, and always with a shortened on-site visit from the instructor in the case of the distance learning program.

Experienced Operator (Conversion Courses  1 day) can be taken on the same course as operators who are being re-certificated. Should you need to gain your first ALLMI certificate based  on using a current accreditation from one of the other “ABAwt 2012″ accredited body’s. No problem but please ring just to confirm.

Job Retention Scheme rules allow for employees to keep there PDT (Personal development training) on track
‘Furloughed employees can engage in training, as long as in undertaking the training the employee does not provide services to, or generate revenue for, or on behalf of their organisation. Furloughed employees should be encouraged to undertake training.’
Please ensure that you check any issues relating to training for furloughed employees with your Human Resources dept. / advisor.

As things return to ‘normal’

We will be offering normal* on-site training to companies who are in any aria where the average Covid-19 MSOA infection rates are no more than between 10-49 or lower. If you would like to check where you current infection rate is sitting just enter your postcode into the following government website
Here is the link……COVID-19 Check Map   (It should open in a separate page so you won’t lose this one.)

IF you are in a higher MSOA rated area ie.  50-99 we will be offering training taking into account Government current tier recommendations.

 Last Reviewed 17th May 2021
(*Taking into account COVID-19  planning)