Distance Learning Courses
Lorry Loader and Slinger/Signaller

Exp. Op. LL & SS course
Max 3-4 delegates

¾* Day Direct Learning
¼Day On-Site Practical

Refresher LL & SS course
Max 3-4 delegates

¾* Day Direct Learning
¼* Day On-Site Practical

Novice ss course
Max 4 delegates

1 Day Direct Learning
1 Day On-Site Practical

Novice LL course
Max 2 delegates

1 Day Direct Learning
1 Day On-Site Practical

How it Works

We provide accredited training for all our 1 day and 2 day courses using ‘ZOOM’. All the candidates will be linked to a virtual classroom prior to the start of the course. A course password will be sent and you will be able to access via our D Learning login page, which contains all the details needed to link on the day.  You can use any computer but it must have a camera and a microphone linked to it. It is even possible to use your mobile phone.

The Direct Learning section of the 1 day course is around 5 hours*.  It is around 7 hours for the Novice Courses. You will need to be seated in an area that is quiet and where you are not likely to be disturbed. In the virtual classroom you will be expected to participate in any discussions and answer questions etc – in fact it is just like being in a real class room. The bulk of the virtual class room course is guided by the use of an ALLMI Power Point presentation which you will be able to see clearly and interact with if you want to. You will also be able to chat with the other candidates in the ‘room’.  You will also find on your relevant ‘Zoom’ link course page an attachment to various downloads. These will help with your understanding of the finer details raised by the ALLMI PP presentation. They will be needed during the presentation and referred to by the Instructor. Your specific ‘Zoom’ day will be recorded and will be available for you to download for a minimum of 28 days following your course.

It will be pre-arranged that the next day² the same instructor who took the Distance Learning course will visit the company. He will arrange to do the written theory test as a group first.

On the lorry loader operators course the individual practical test element of each candidate will then be done. This will always include pre-operational checking of the crane equipment and its recording. Safe to use it is then followed by a separate test showing the operators ability to work logically when setting up and putting away the crane equipment along with an accurate and safe operating procedure when using the lorry loader. This visit would be expected to be a minimum of around 2-3 hours*. It would be a full 7 hours for the Novice courses.

If you are doing a slinger/signaller course, after the written test if affirmation of any points of interest raised doing the previous days ‘Zoom’ is required, a practical test will be organised along with the practical application of hand signals and sling use. This visit would be expected to be a minimum of around 3-4 hours*and 5 hours for the Novice courses.

At the successful completion of each course, each candidate will be left with the ALLMI course manual and a valid temporary certificate to operate for 6 months. This is to cover the time it will take to generate the ID Card/Certificate. That is valid for 5 years from the day of the test.

² If the training is further than travel by an instructor in the early morning allows we will arrange to complete the course on the next working day. To achieve accreditation the days have to be consecutive. Please call us if you need clarification around this point.

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Zoom Instruction

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