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AT LLTltd, we aim to provide a professional training operating standard for lorry loader operators. We have  30 years experience in MHE training, which started with the basics of forklift operator training, working up to diggers, dumpers and of course lorry loaders.

We operate within the HSE guidelines and recognised accrediting bodies including ITSSAR, NPORS and finally allied with ALLMI for the last 19 years. We follow the additional guidelines for lorry loader (HIAB) operation using BS7121 part 4. ALLMI’s training standard and reputation on building sites and in the industry is second to none, and in a lot of cases it is a requirement for the delivery standard.

LLTltd is a friendly company who are keen to work with any potential customer and to fit in with all their requirements. You are encouraged to give us a call if you have any problems that you think we may be able to help with – as long as it relates to lorry loaders. We even work weekends at no extra cost. Our instructor traveling expenses are extremely reasonable, which  is why we are prepared to cover the country. There are no hidden expenses on any of our quotes, and our costs are available on this website. We also try to keep up with relevant crane operating news, and there is also a free download page with COVID 19 and HSE information and more.



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During the current easing of restrictions. 
We are open for all ALLMI operator training courses following Government COVID-19 advice. Please follow the relevant course link below for specific guidelines….


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England/ Wales

It is still recommended to work from home if possible.

(21st June 2021).


Starting 19th July 2021 ( Step 4)

(  Reviewed 11th July 2021 with COVID-19 Delta (Indian Variant)

C All retail  (Open)
[Social  Contact. (No restriction)
B Hotels, Cafe/Restaurants, (Open) (No restriction)

h Injections over 18 completed on or before the end of July

Personal assessment of  COVID-19 safety at all times still required.